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General and mathematical aspects of statistical physics:
M. Aizenman *, P. Fendley, T. Sasamoto
Phase transitions and critical phenomena:
M. Barma *, S. Dietrich, B. Nienhuis
Nonequilibrium processes:
C. Jarzynski *, G. Biroli, B. Derrida
Soft matter:
F. Schmid *, D. Langevin, M. C. Marchetti
Fluids and interfacial phenomena:
M. Barbosa *, L. Bocquet, M. Telo da Gama
Nonlinear dynamics:
H. Daido *, T. Dauxois, E. Tirapegui
Quantum systems:
V. Pokrovsky *, P. Calabrese, G. Sierra
Disordered and glassy systems:
L. Cugliandolo *, H. Zhou, A. P. Young
Biophysics and biologically motivated problems:
F. Ritort *, Y. Kafri, L. H. Tang
Interdisciplinary topics in statistical physics:
Z. Rácz *, J. S. Andrade Jr., H. Jeong

asterisk (*) means coordinator for each topics committee