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No. Name title Session Code Topic
1 Amnon AHARONY Full-counting statistics for molecular junctions: Fluctuation theorem and singularities A1 3
2 Yong-Yeol AHN Community structure and spreading of social contagions A11 10
3 Sebastian AHNERT The complexity, modularity and evolution of self-assembling structures in biology C2 9
4 Imam ALAM Discrete holomorphicity in integrable lattice models C11 2
5 Francisco ALCARAZ Nonlocal exclusion process on a ring and conformal invariance D3 3
6 Bernhard ALTANER Towards a dynamical picture of local equilibrium D11 7
7 Fabrizio ALTARELLI Large deviations and optimization of cascade processes on graphs A7 8
8 Sebastian ALTMEYER Symmetry-breaking Hopf bifurcations to 1-, 2-, and 3-tori in small-aspect-ratio counter- rotating Taylor-Couette flow B6 6
9 Roberto ANDRADE Network distance: a concept helping identifying communities in phylogenetic analysis A11 10
10 Jose ANDRADE JR. Optimal synchronizability of bearings B1 6
11 Nuno ARAUJO Fracturing ranked surfaces D5 10
12 Elsa ARCAUTE Defining cities through percolation and density cutoffs A11 10
13 Daniel ASENJO-ANDREWS Direct computation of the packing entropy of granular materials D10 8
14 Helen AU-YANG Proximity E?ects in Layered Ising Models C11 2
15 yongjoo BAEK  Is the junction occupancy meaningful in ASEP on the Bethe lattice? C12 3
16 Mustansir BARMA Condensation and intermittency in an open-boundary aggregation-fragmentation model A8 3
17 Eli BEN-NAIM Scaling laws for first passage exponents A2 3
18 Nelson BERNARDINO Re-entrant wetting of network fluids B12 5
19 Zsolt BERTALAN Challenges to the predictive power of the ubiquitous Weibull distribution in fracture statistics C6 10
20 Stefan BOETTCHER Nature of discontinuous transitions in ordinary percolation on hyperbolic lattices A3 8
21 Braden BRINKMAN Forecasting large earthquakes using small-quake correlations A6 10
22 Joan CAMUNAS Free energy measurements of ligands binding nucleic acids using fluctuation theorems A1 9
23 Olalla CASTRO ALVAREDO Universal corrections to the entanglement entropy from gapped spin chains: a numerical study D4 7
24 Lock CHEW Two coupled brownian motors subjected to chaotic noise B6 6
25 Or COHEN Density large deviations of driven systems with slow nonconserving dynamics C12 3
26 Pierluigi CONTUCCI The spin glass phase and its mean field picture: rigorous results and perspectives. B3 1
27 Matthieu CRISTELLI A new metrics for country fitness and product complexity: Measuring the growth potential and technological development of countries A5 10
28 Joao DA GAMA BATISTA Dynamics of trust in networks and systemic risk A5 10
29 marcos DA LUZ Sum over paths, interference and superdiffusion in quantum walks A2 7
30 Olivier DAUCHOT Interplay between hard core repulsion and self propulsion in active matter A4 4
31 Thierry DAUXOIS Parametric subharmonic instability for internal waves B6 6
32 Sebastian DEFFNER Information, entropy, and the second law A1 3
33 Sven DOROSZ Crystallization close to the glass transition: Dynamic heterogeneities do not precede crystallization C7 8
34 Alan EDELMAN Density of states ofquantum many-body systems C9 7
35 Ora ENTIN-WOHLMAN Scale-dependent competing interactions: sign reversal of the average persistent current in nanoscale superconducting rings D12 3
36 Niklas FRICKE Scale-free enumeration of self-avoiding walks on critical percolation clusters A2 8
37 Tobias GALLA Statistical physics of piecewise deterministic processes: theory and application to the resilience of semi-arid ecosystems A5 10
38 Savannah GARMON Bound state influence on long-time non-exponential decay in open quantum systems D12 2
39 Timothy GARONI Novel phase transitions in XY antiferromagnets on plane triangulations D9 2
40 Theo  GEISEL I Got Rhythm... A7 10
41 Debaprasad GIRI Single polymer gating of channels under a solvent gradient D6 2
42 Kwang-Il GOH Multiplex networks: structure and dynamics A6 10
43 Pablo GONZALEZ DE PRADO SALAS Torsion and curvature of FtsZ filaments B11 9
44 Antonio GORDILLO-GUERRERO The Cardy-Jacobsen conjecture is valid in three dimensions D6 2
45 Xiwen GUAN Large spin ultracold atomic fermions in one dimension A9 7
46 Anupam KUNDU Exact distributions of the number of distinct and common sites visited by N independent random walkers C12 3
47 Wenan GUO Ising-like transitions in the O($n$) loop model on the square lattice D9 2
48 Shamik GUPTA Nonequilibrium first-order phase transitions in the Kuramoto model in presence of inertia and noise D2 2
49 Meesoon HA Dynamic finite-size scaling and universality issues in synchronization D2 2
50 Hans HERRMANN Packing of wires in cavities and growing surfaces A3 10
51 Peter HOLDSWORTH Spin fractionalization on a Pyrochlore Lattice D5 2
52 Petter HOLME From temporal to static networks, and back A7 10
53 Seok-Cheol HONG Rupturing of Hoogsteen base pairs in triplex DNA A12 9
54 Yu-Kun HUANG Accurate simulation of long-time dynamics for quantum spin chains at infinite temperature C9 7
55 Fred HUCHT Sheared Ising models in two and three dimensions D12 5
56 Pablo HURTADO Spontaneous symmetry breaking at the fluctuating level in classical and quantum systems C5 3
57 Changbong HYEON Hidden complexity in the isomerization dynamics of Holliday junctions A12 9
58 Joseph INDEKEU Renormalization group study of thermal fluctuation effects on infinite-order wetting phase transitions. B4 5
59 Akira ISHII Mathematical Model of Hit Phenomena as a theory for stochastic processes of collective human evidents in the society A3 10
60 Sosuke ITO Information thermodynamics on causal networks C12 3
61 William JACOBS Predicting phase behavior in multicomponent mixtures D1 2
62 Jesper JACOBSEN Critical manifolds, graph polynomials, and exact solvability C10 1
63 Wolfhard JANKE Constrained polymer statistics inside a spherical cavity B9 4
64 Ludovic JAUBERT Spin Liquids in 2D and 3D pyrochlores C8 7
65 Asja JELIC Superfluid transport of information in turning flocks of starlings C3 9
66 Hang-Hyun JO Bursty human dynamics: circadian pattern, task execution, and context A3 10
67 Byungnam KAHNG Continuous and discontinuous transitions in explosive percolation models A3 10
68 Ziya KALAY Effects of confinement on statistics of encounter times in lattices and its implications for the kinetics of reversible reactions D7 1
69 Eriko KAMINISHI Recurrence time of a localized many-body state dynamics in the 1D Bose gas C9 7
70 Kiyoshi KANAZAWA Heat conduction induced by non-Gaussian athermal fluctuations D8 1
71 Kyongok KANG Non-equilbrium phase transitions and equilibrium textures of charged chiral rods (fd-viruses) D1 2
72 Yacov KANTOR Polymer-mediated entropic forces in confined spaces B9 4
73 Tatsuro KAWAMOTO A stochastic model of local information diffusion on an online social network A6 10
74 Byung KIM Self-assembled chain-like water structures in nanoscopic water menisci observed by cantilever-based optical interfacial force microscopy B8 5
75 Taro KIMURA Scaling behavior of Euler products and random matrix theory C6 1
76 Thomas KLOSS Scaling functions and amplitude ratios for the higher-dimensional Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equation: a nonperturbative renormalization group approach D12 5
77 Michael KÖHL Spin dynamics in two-dimensional Fermi gases B2 7
78 Juha KOIVISTO Fluctuations in fracture: scaling and predictability C6 2
79 Shigeyuki KOMURA Anomalous lateral diffusion in a viscous membrane surrounded by viscoelastic media B11 4
80 Joachim KRUG How predictable is evolution? C2 9
81 Florent KRZAKALA From Statistical Physics ... to Matrix Decomposition: Phase Diagrams, Optimal Bounds and efficient Algorithms} C7 8
82 Pradeep KUMAR A tale of two phenotypes: Cell fates of Escherichia coli and their reversibility under high pressure C2 9
83 Sanjay KUMAR Statistical physics of driven DNA: Scaling and phase diagram A12 3
84 Chulan KWON Anomalous entropy production under irreversible momentum-dependent force A1 3
85 Matthieu LABOUSSE A macroscopic wave-particle system in a harmonic potential well: a double quantization B2 6
86 Jan LAGERWALL Phase transitions and configurational reordering under topological constraints in liquid crystal shells C1 4
87 Antti LAMBERG Freezing of vesicles and stressed bilayers B11 9
88 Lasse LAURSON The average avalanche shape: Universality beyond mean field C6 2
89 Luc LEBON Dynamics of a drop trapped inside a horizontal circular hydraulic jump B4 5
90 Kyoung Eun LEE Noise-induced phase transitions and critical fluctuations in collective dynamics of neuronal networks B6 2
91 Deok-Sun LEE Crossover in the fluctuation scaling of evolving regulatory networks A7 10
92 Ji Oon LEE Local deformed semicircle law for Wigner matrices with random potential C10 1
93 Ji San LEE Ultrafast X-ray imaging of bubble entrapment during drop impact B12 5
94 Rui-Qi LI Epidemic spreading on multi-relation networks A10 10
95 Valerio LUCARINI Multi-level dynamical systems: Connecting the ruelle response theory and the Mori-Zwanzig approach B10 6
96 Liang LUO Transport properties of vortices in the two-dimensional gauge glass D5 8
97 Santiago MADRUGA Stability and bifurcations in films of binary mixtures with diffuse interfaces B7 5
98 Seong Eun MAENG Impacts of compatibility to the organization of mutualistic networks A8 9
99 Vladimir MANGAZEEV A three-dimensional integrable lattice model with positive Boltzmann weights D3 1
100 Julian MARTINEZ MERCADO A gravity wave bifurcation in a Taylor-Couette system with free surface B10 6
101 a. paolo MASUCCI Limited urban growth: The historical trajectory of london's street networks A10 10
102 Chihiro MATSUI Superconformal field theory and supersymmetric sine-Gordon model with Dirichlet boundary conditions D8 1
103 Miller MENDOZA JIMENEZ Lattice kinetic models for quantum systems C8 10
104 Jean-Francois METAYER A local view on sheared granular matter B5 4
105 Marc MEZARD Bayesian approach to discrete tomography A7 10
106 Daniel MIEDEMA Dynamic phase transition in a kinetically constrained model for traffic D6 8
107 Thierry MORA Diffusion of public goods in bacterial colonies, and its impact on cooperation C2 9
108 Takashi MORI Phase transitions in systems with non-additive long-range interactions D2 2
109 Kohei MOTEGI Quantum inverse scattering approach to the totally asymmetric simple exclusion process D3 1
110 David MUKAMEL Drive Induced interface phase transition C5 3
111 Ken NAGAI Vortex lattice formation of self-propelled particles A8 9
112 Shin NAKAMURA Nonequilibrium phase transitions and nonequilibrium critical point from ads/cft correspondence C5 3
113 Hiizu NAKANISHI Hamilton-Jacobi analysis of molecular distribution function in a chemical oscillator C10 1
114 Takahiro NEMOTO Finite size effects in a mean-field kinetically constrained model: dynamical glassiness and quantum criticality D9 2
115 Mathieu NESPOULOUS Attractive interaction tuning in bio-colloidal membranes B11 9
116 Ryuji NOMURA Power Law Behavior in Quantum Crystallization of 4He in Aerogel B12 5
117 Hiroaki DAIDO Aging Transition in a Population of Excitable and Oscillatory Units B10 6
118 Hiroki OHTA Jamming percolation in an unoriented kinetically constrained model D10 8
119 Masayuki OHZEKI Measurement-based quantum computation protected by symmetry breaking states D4 7
120 Ko OKUMURA Simple views on the dynamics of fluids in confined space B12 5
121 Eric OPSOMER Phase transitions in driven granular systems under microgravity conditions C1 4
122 Nicholas OUELLETTE Fragmentation of model flocks B9 4
123 H. Daniel OU-YANG Colloidal osmotic bulk modulus of a polymer-crowded colloidal suspension B5 4
124 Fabien PAILLUSSON Devising a statistical ensemble approach to jammed packings generated by successive taps D10 8
125 Hyuk Kyu PAK Electrical power generation by mechanically modulating electrical double layers B4 5
126 YUNG WOO PARK Carbon nanoelectronics - The zero M resistivity and more B2 7
127 Su Ji PARK X-ray imaging of wetting ridge on a soft solid B8 4
128 Daniel PEARCE The role of projection in the control of bird flocks C3 10
129 Paul PEARCE Exact off-critical solution of generalized 2-d models of polymers and percolation D7 1
130 Jacques PERK Superintegrable chiral Potts model: Parafermionic generalization of Ising model D3 1
131 Michel PEYRARD Double, double, ... bubble: the physics of DNA melting A12 9
132 Dario POLETTI Emergence of complex dynamics in quantum many-body open systems C8 7
133 Anatoli POLKOVNIKOV Universal dynamics near continuous phase transitions C5 3
134 Mason PORTER Core-periphery structure in networks A6 10
135 Harald POSCH Covariant Lyapunov vectors for smooth and rough hard disk fluids B10 6
136 Antti PUISTO Transient shear banding of time dependent fluids B4 4
137 Haitao QUAN Validity of Jarzynski equality for the rapidly expanding quantum piston A9 3
138 Carlos RASCON Phase transition of a meniscus in a capillary under the influence of gravity B8 5
139 Jack  RAYMOND Improved variational methods by self-consistency with linear response D8 1
140 David REGUERA Statistical physics of viral capsid assembly C3 9
141 Heiko RIEGER Intermittent search in spatially inhomogeneous environments D7 1
142 Luis ROCHA Bursts of vertex activation and epidemics in evolving networks A7 10
143 Sergei RUTKEVICH Quantum inverse scattering and the exact $n=\infty$ solution of the three-dimensional $O(n)\,\phi^4$ model on a strip with free boundary conditions. D8 2
144 Sanjib SABHAPANDIT Fluctuations and large deviations in some nonequilibrium systems C4 3
145 Kazumitsu SAKAI Multiple Schramm-Loewner evolutions for conformal field theories with Lie algebra symmetries C11 2
146 Maxi SAN MIGUEL Voter model, Opinion diffusion and mobility networks A2 10
147 Carlos Eduardo SANTOS General approach for studying first-order phase transitions D1 2
148 Tomohiro SASAMOTO Exact stationary two-point function for the 1D KPZ equation D7 3
149 Giusy SCALIA Liquid crystal phase of graphene oxide C1 4
150 Michael SCHICK A raft for both leaves of the plasma membrane A4 4
151 Friederike SCHMID Statistical physics of lipid rafts A4 9
152 Felix SCHMIDT Large-n approach to thermodynamic Casimir effects in slabs with free surfaces D9 2
153 Ken SCHRENK How to share underground reservoirs A11 10
154 Gunter SCHUETZ Exact matrix product solution for the boundary-driven Lindblad $XXZ$-chain C4 7
155 Sugiura SHO Thermal pure quantum formulation of statistical mechanics C8 7
156 Vlad SOKHAN Development of electronically coarse-grained model for the next generation of materials simulation B7 5
157 Alexandre SOLON Revisiting the flocking transition using active spins C5 3
158 Cristovao SOUSA DIAS Nonequilibrium growth of functionalized colloids on substrates B9 4
159 Herbert SPOHN Structure factors of hamiltonian chains and nonlinear fluctuating hydrodynamics C4 3
160 Daniel STARIOLO Nematic and Stripe glass phases in two dimensional systems with competing interactions D6 8
161 Jacob STEVENSON Thermodynamics and point-to-set correlations in a supercooled liquid A9 8
162 Yutaka SUMINO Swarming behavior of self-propelled rods with internal memory D1 9
163 Jaeyun SUNG Global interaction network of human gut microbiota C7 9
164 Koshiro SUZUKI Rheology of granular flow via mode-coupling theory D5 8
165 Masuo SUZUKI Entropy production in transport phenomena: Variational principles and path-integral quantization of irreversible dynamics D11 3
166 Julien TAILLEUR Motility-induced phase separation in Active Matter A4 9
167 Hiroyasu TAJIMA A new version of information thermodynamics using entanglement measure D4 7
168 Taichiro TAKAGI Commuting phase flows in the tropical periodic Toda lattice C4 1
169 Ryo TAMURA Second-Order Phase Transition in Heisenberg Model on Triangular Lattice with Com- peting Interactions D2 2
170 Shu TANAKA Entanglement Spectra of Two-dimensional Quantum Systems D4 7
171 Lei-Han TANG Noise propagation in biochemical networks: beyond the master equation C3 9
172 Margarida TELO DA GAMA Bonded boojum-colloids in nematic liquid crystals C1 4
173 Eial TEOMY Jamming of Finite-Width Tunnels in the Kob-Andersen Kinetically-Constrained Model D10 8
174 Synge TODO Markov chain monte carlo sampling with irreversible kernel C10 1
175 Keisuke TOTSUKA Symmetry-protected topological phases of alkaline-earth ultra-cold fermionic atoms in one dimension A9 7
176 Emma TOWLSON The globally integrative rich club of the C. elegans neuronal connectome C7 10
177 Ya-Yi TSAI Defect mediated dust acoustic wave turbulence B1 6
178 Jaegon UM Connectivity-disorder effect on collective synchronization D2 6
179 Pierfrancesco URBANI Quasi-equilibrium construction for long time glassy dynamics B3 8
180 yasuhiro UTSUMI Work fluctuation theorem for a classical circuit coupled to a quantum conductor B2 3
181 Henk VAN BEIJEREN Exact results for transport properties of one-dimensional hamiltonian systems D11 3
182 Nicolas VANDEWALLE Magnetocapillary self-assembled systems : from clusters to swimmers B8 4
183 Irena VODENSKA Distress Propagation in coupled foreign exchange and stock market networks A5 10
184 Bing-Hong WANG Dynamics and Statistical Mechanics Investigation for Human Behaviors A3 10
185 Martin WEIGEL Fractal geometry and Stochastic Loewner Evolution in disordered systems C11 8
186 Kousuke YAKUBO Geographical network model for the urban scaling A10 10
187 Joonhyun YEO Renormalization group study of the growing length scale in p-spin glass models B3 8
188 David YLLANES The spin-glass transition in a field: results from Janus in D = 4, with a glimpse at D =3 B3 8
189 Hyejin YOUN The hidden structure in urban economic diversity A10 10
190 Hepeng ZHANG Long-range fluctuation correlation in collective motion A8 9
191 Hong ZHAO Asymmetric inter-particle interactions can break the long time power-law decay of current correlation functions in low dimensional lattices D11 7
192 Huan-Qiang ZHOU Quantum phase transitions: A novel perspective from fidelity… C9 7
193 David ZWICKER Centrosomes are autocatalytic droplets of pericentriolar material organized by centrioles B11 9